Inland Taipan

This guy has the single deadliest venom of any snake. In the world. At all. Not just land snakes either. It’s well above any sea snake by double the potency.

The Inland Taipan is a smallish, nondescript snake. It is generally brown, with little patches of brown. In summer it’s a lighter brown, in winter it’s slightly darker brown. What makes this snake exceptional isn’t its mastery of an autumn colour palette, though.

The venom it injects is insane. It is potent enough that the amount injected in a single bite could kill more than 100 full-grown men. That’s twice as many as a Black Mamba, and with a quarter of the amount of venom injected. It’s 30 times more than a King Cobra, which injects nine times the venom.

There is one advantage humanity has against the horrifying threat of the Inland Taipan. They live inland. Australia is pretty much a desert ringed with habitable cost, and the Inland Taipan lives in places humans wouldn’t want to. It’s a remote habitat, and they’re never encountered by humans. Unlike the Coastal Taipan, which is an absolute asshole, famous for chasing people just to bite them, the Inland Taipan is shy and timid.

Almost everyone who’s ever been bitten by one has been a keeper of captive specimens for research. The moral of this story is probably that Inland Taipans are a pretty rubbish pet.

Fierce Snake, Small-scaled Snake
Oxyuranus microlepidotus