About The Site

The Purpose of the Site

Many people, especially Americans, see Australian animals as fearsome beasts. Even Australians are often unaware of the properties of many of our fellow inhabitants. The point of this site, then, is to inform people of two things.

One is that many of the sites people are scared of in Australia are just not a threat. There are large spiders called Golden Orb Weavers, who appear in photos frequently, sometimes devouring snakes or birds. The simple fact is... those are really small snakes and birds. And yes, really big spiders, but completely harmless. They couldn't hurt a fly... Well, they could... But they couldn't hurt you.

The other reason is because despite the obvious animals not being particularly dangerous, some of the stuff that actually is dangerous.... holy fucking shit is it dangerous. Box Jellyfish, Stonefish, and Funnel Web Spiders, Jesus they're in a league of their own. I think there's a reason to not just know, but revel in and celebrate the sheer horribleness of these animals.

Accuracy of Information

The site intends to tread the boundary between entertaining and educational, writing style is intentionally overdone, but nothing should ever be untrue. Information has been sourced from a range of locations, including Wikipedia, specialist websites, and actual books with words.

If you see any inaccuracies, please contact us.